Thank you so much Ajmeri Sahib

July 20, 2007

 We were dating for almost 2 years and were very much in love. After completing her masters here, she got an internship opportunity in India and moved to Bangalore to work there. She left teary eyed and told me that she will complete her training and come back soon and then we will get married. However, once she went, I did not hear from her much. She called and told her initially about reaching safely and later about joining the office and work life. But after a month or two, there was hardly any communication from her end. Whenever I tried speaking to her, she was busy, or out with friends. I got worried. I really loved her and wanted to make a life with her. I had also recently taken up a new assignment, and it was not possible for me to travel to India to be with her. She was not responding much to my calls and emails and that was worrying me badly. I did not know how to communicate with her. I didn’t want to lose her. After trying for a long time without success, I started losing hope and became very depressed. Then one day, I saw an ad from Ajmeri Baba Sahib and called him to ask for his help. He told me that he would be able to get my love back to me. After 1 week or so, I was surprised to see her at my office. I had no idea that she will be back like this. She told me that she was not happy there and the work was so much that she could not even keep in touch with me. I knew it was due to Ajmeri Baba Sahib’s magic. She had left her job and had returned to be with me. We decided that she could take up a job here itself and we should get married soon. Now, I am already married to her and both are very happy. I still don’t know if she was really busy due to work or she was not interested in me anymore. But I am happy that she came back, even if she came back due to Ajmeri Baba’s interference. I love her a lot and will always be thankful to Ajmeri Baba for his help. Thank you so much Ajmeri Sahib.


Thank you Ajmeri Baba

July 20, 2007

We are both normal, but somehow our son was born as a special child. Since he was a baby, he did not respond to sounds and was crying all the time. As he started growing up, he stated throwing tantrums at anything that was not according to his wish. Since we had not had anyone like him in our family, we did not know how to handle him. We were both worried for his life and how we are going to cope with him and help him to lead a normal life. It was a very difficult time. The doctors told us that he might be like that forever. We were both very depressed. One day I saw an ad on a TV channel talking about the miracles of Baba Ajmeri. Since we were already trying out other options, we did not find any harm in trying out this route to his treatment. I called Ajmeri Baba and requested him for help. He said he will pray for my son. He said sometimes medicines don’t work, but only Dua works. We could feel the magic in this voice. He told me that it might take long, but do keep the faith. We started seeing results in 5 weeks time. My son started calming down. He stopped throwing tantrums first, and then slowly started reacting to our words. I cried when he smiled for the first time. Ajmeri baba kept praying for my son. Now it has been a year and my son seems to be almost normal. He speaks with a stammer but he does speak. We are so thankful to Ajmeri Baba that we would do anything for him. He has given us our life. He has given us hope to live our lives. He has given new life to my son. Ajmeri Baba, I always bless you with my heart. May God give you all the happiness in life. Thank you Ajmeri Baba.

I will always be thankful to baba saheb

July 20, 2007

I am from a small town called Bhopal and me and my whole family was very happy when one of our family friends approached us with a marriage proposal for one of their sons. This family had moved out of Bhopal long ago and they were settled in Bombay. Now the family was living in USA and that’s where the boy had completed his masters and was teaching in a University. Everyone was very happy and said that I was very lucky. Soon after moving to US, I realized that not all was rosy. My husband had been in an accident, and had been in coma for a 8 months before coming back. Though he had recovered well, he had lost some of his memory. He had problems like bad temper and he considered himself a handicapped. I did not know what to do. I had not gone to an English Medium school and didn’t drive also. I felt kind of trapped in the situation. Though I loved my husband, but sometimes I used to get angry at my in-laws for putting me into such situation without telling me about it. When I gave birth to a daughter, my husband was out of job. He was finding it difficult to keep a job for quite some time due to his bad temper. Everything seemed to falling apart. I did not know whom to ask for help. During these depressing times, I saw an ad of Ajmeri Baba. I noted Ajmeri Baba’s contact number and called him. I told him my situation and Baba said that he will help me. Within a month, things started improving for us. My husband’s temper started cooling and he got another job. He started behaving confidently and started socializing. That made him more confident and he increased his circle. I was surprised at Ajmeri baba’s miracle. I had no idea that Ajmeri baba can change my life so easily. Today whatever I have, it is given by Ajmeri baba and I will always be thankful to baba saheb.